Judge in Villarejo case blames López Madrid for hiring commissioner to harass Dr Pinto

The judge investigating the so-called ‘Villarejo case’ before the National Court indicted Madrid businessman Javier López for allegedly hiring the services of the former commissioner to harass Dr Elisa Pinto, who has previously another case against them in a court in Madrid. for harassment, threats and injuries.

As part of Exhibit 24 of the case, opened last January, and at the request of the prosecution, Judge Manuel García Castellón summons López Madrid, son-in-law of former OHL president Juan Miguel Villar Mir, to testify during the investigation; José Villarejo himself and his partner; Rafael Redondo, for an alleged crime of corruption.

This separate part of the Villarejo case does not investigate the allegations of stabbing, harassment or threats against the doctor, but focuses on the alleged hiring of the former commissioner while he was still active for prevent him from reporting López Madrid for sexual harassment, and when he did. fact, discredit the complainant.

According to the ordinance to which laSexta had access, López Madrid would have retained the services of the commissioner at the time “for private purposes”, in particular to “harass” Elisa Pinto, prevent her from denouncing him and, once he reportedly denounced him, “Put at your disposal all the police resources necessary to discredit the complainant.”

The judge considers that the procedure carried out so far corroborates “the lucrative character of the criminal activity” of the former commissioner, “a faithful reflection of the corruption which for years would have infected a group of officials” of the police. In this context, he oversees his alleged hiring by López Madrid, one of the commissioner’s “crisis management” projects.

Villarejo’s audios that point to López Madrid

In addition, the ordinance recalls that the police intervened in Villarejo with documents related to the case of Dr Pinto, including documents related to the judicial process itself, informative notes, press articles and audios in which Pinto and López Madrid intervened, among others. In addition, the Commissioner’s agenda included various annotations in this regard.

Likewise, the judge alludes to the audio files in which Villarejo talks about the alleged assault on Dr. Pinto. In these conversations, recorded by himself, the curator “makes express reference to the contract with the client Javier López Madrid”, which is precisely the subject of the investigation in this piece.

So, in a conversation dated January 26, 2017, the Commissioner says he will claim money from López Madrid as compensation for his performance with Dr Pinto. In this audio – of which the transcription recovered by the judge in his car -, he assures: “When everything is over, when he lodges the complaint at the kettle, he and all those who helped him and such and such, I will speak. with him, with Javierito. Give me some dough, because you put me in a “ball.” “I’ll tell you, little boy, damage,” he adds.

Therefore, the judge concludes that the procedures concerned by the prosecution are “useful, necessary and relevant” and admits them “to clarify whether the commission” from López Madrid to Villarejo “really took place and what it could consist of”.

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