Judge investigates whether Irene Montero used counselor as a babysitter


Publication: Friday, April 30, 2021 10:27 PM

A Madrid judge is investigating whether Irene Montero has called on a counselor, Teresa Arévalo, to take care of her daughter. More specifically, the head of investigating court number 46 has initiated preliminary proceedings against the Minister for Equality, which advises him for an alleged crime of unfair administration.

However, given his status as a registrant, Montero cannot under any circumstances be charged or called to testify as being the subject of an investigation. To do this, if he saw evidence of a crime, the judge would have to send a reasoned statement to the Supreme Court.

Thus, judge José María Escribano, who signs the ordinance – to which LaSexta had access – agrees to initiate proceedings before “the possible existence of a criminal offense” to “determine the nature and circumstances of the crime. ‘act, as well as the people in whom it participated ”.

The notary public summons Arévalo to testify under investigation on July 14 and orders the publication of an official letter to the special commissioner of the Congress to communicate the existence of the procedure to Irene Montero “for appropriate legal purposes”.

In addition, he quotes Daniel de Frutos, head of finance and transparency at Podemos, to testify as witnesses to the former director of the violet formation Rocío Val and the head of party security, Víctor Martins.

He also calls on Podemos’ former lawyer Mónica Carmona and another former party employee, Elena González, to testify. The order, dated April 27, collects as popular accusations Vox and the Association of European Jurists Pro Lege.

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