judge orders elderly woman to get COVID vaccine despite family refusal

Updated: Wednesday, January 13, 2021 11:10

Published on: 13.01.2021 10:45

A judge orders an elderly woman to get her COVID vaccine in a residence despite her family’s refusal. According to the order to which laSexta had access, the investigating court number 2 of Santiago ordered last Saturday to vaccinate the resident of the center despite the refusal of her family.

This is the first case that occurs in Spain, but the court’s decision is not justified by public health risks for third parties but by risks for the woman herself, who is incapable (which is confirmed by the medico-legal report collected by the court).

“It also seems obvious that, as with most vaccines, their administration implies a very visible reduction in the risk of contracting the disease. Consequently, it must be concluded that maintaining a higher risk as long as this reception does not occur makes it imperative in order to avoid or at least to reduce very substantially what constitutes, in any event, a vital risk. “, Argues the magistrate in the order.

It was her daughter who requested that she not be vaccinated before a certain period of time had elapsed and the possible side effects of the vaccination could be checked.

The truth is that, as Minister Illa argued during the presentation of the COVID-19 vaccination plan in Spain, it is not mandatory to be vaccinated against the virus. An idea (the non-obligation) on which the Minister of Health insisted on several occasions: “It is such an obvious thing that vaccines save lives that all the experts and I am also of the opinion that telling the truth people don’t have to force it, ”Illa said last November.

In this case, and as we pointed out earlier, the judge decided to make the order because the health of the elderly woman herself was in danger, who was ultimately vaccinated.

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