Judge orders police to investigate € 75,000 transfer from Unidas Podemos to Neurona

The head of investigating court number 42 in Madrid, Juan José Escalonilla, asks the National Police’s Money Laundering and Anti-Corruption Investigation Brigade to investigate a transfer of 75,000 euros allegedly was carried out by Unidas Podemos at the Mexican consultancy firm Neurona.

Escalonilla requests that it be examined whether this money, as the Neurona administrator has said, has been returned. He seeks to know exactly whether in relation to the amount of certain services were provided or, on the contrary, there was embezzlement of electoral funds.

Judge asks to investigate videos provided by Podemos

The judge also asked the police to investigate the authorship and the date of the videos Podemos contributed regarding the services provided by Neurona for the April 2019 elections. The magistrate asks for information on the more than 1000 videos provided by training for the cause in which the contract signed with Neurona is studied.

Meanwhile, statements from various Podemos leaders continue due to the alleged fundraising plan affecting the party.

Among others, said Juan Manuel del Olmo, right-hand man of Pablo Iglesias, one of the communication officials who is part of his team at the vice-presidency of the government.

Podemos lawyer defends “closure of investigation”

Gorka Vellé, Podemos’ lawyer, assured that with the statements, which lasted more than four hours, the “work carried out” is clarified and that, therefore, “corresponds to the closure of the investigation”.

Overall, there are transfers of over 400,000 euros, but there is, in particular, a part which, according to the Court of Auditors, was not correctly justified: 363,000 euros.

In addition, Judge Escalonilla noted a transfer of funds that would have been made to the company “Creative Advide”, which according to the investigation is supposed to be an instrumental company that would have no real activity.

Regarding the works of the Podemos headquarters, the investigation is also continuing and the legal representatives of several companies that participated in it will testify in the courts of Madrid in the Plaza de Castilla.

Last Friday, the architect said and acknowledged that the budget given for the initial project on the plan did not exactly match the amount of the work once it was completed.

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