Judge sues Rodrigo Rato for alleged corruption, money laundering and tax crimes

Updated: Monday, March 1, 2021 12:32 PM

Published on: 03/01/2021 12:23

The head of Madrid’s investigating court No.31 has prosecuted Rodrigo Rato, former government president and former president of Bankia, for possible offenses of business corruption, money laundering and alleged tax evasion.

In the order known on Monday, Judge Antonio Serrano-Arnal concludes the judicial investigation and the resolution, in the investigation phase, is the last which can be the subject of an appeal for reform before the judicial body it – even and / or on appeal before the provincial judge of Madrid.

In this letter, the various respondents – around ten natural and legal persons – are assigned, depending on their participation in the events, the offenses of business corruption, money laundering and / or tax evasion.

This case investigated since 2015 the origin of the assets of the former Minister of the Economy. Among the suspicious behaviors are the advertising contracts of Bankia, at the origin of the alleged offense of corruption between individuals, and for which Rato and twelve other people present themselves as defendants, including the agencies Zenith and Publicis.

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