Julia White announces she will quit working at Microsoft after almost 20 years

Microsoft Vice President Julia White, known for being the face of several Microsoft events, will change her scene. After almost 20 years with the Redmond firm, he will now work at SAP.

SAP hires Julia White after 19 years at Microsoft

Julia White was responsible for Azure Marketing, Developer Tools and Servers for five years. Julia joined as a product manager in 2001 and hasn’t stopped since.

We will remember his appearance in several presentations. His leather jacket and his speed at speaking made him an easily identifiable character. Plus, she was responsible for showing us her own hologram and how she could speak Japanese.

In addition, Julia accompanied us in the presentation of other products in previous years given her relationship with Office. A person who worked very well and in the presentations managed to encourage the audience.

SAP today announced that it has hired Julia White as Director of Marketing and Solutions. SAP had a great signing and we wish him all the luck in the world in his new adventure. For its part, SAP said White would strengthen the company’s marketing approach. With a focus on products, industry and digital marketing. In addition to focusing on the link between customer and ecosystem needs and product development.

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