Junqueras claims to overcome “possible selfish temptations” to form a “strong government as soon as possible”

Publication: Saturday March 6, 2021 11:40

ERC President Oriol Junqueras called for overcoming “possible selfish temptations from one another” when negotiating an agreement allowing the formation of a “strong and lasting government in the as fast as we can”. This is what he said in his speech to the National Council of the ERC, in which he also demanded “in all modesty and” with all conviction “to all those” who are in a position to help ” cooperate to clarify as soon as possible “a government based on the generosity and effort of the whole world”.

“ERC will give back everything to move this country forward, but we need everyone to measure up. We need the political parties to measure up, we need everyone to act with the same determination, with the same generosity , with the same will, with the same effort, ”said Junqueras.

In the same spirit, the president of Esquerra expressed: “We cannot disappoint the legitimate hopes of our company and our country”.

[[H3:Aragonès urge a JxCat y CUP a llegar a un acuerdo con “celeridad” y “solidez”]]

For his part, the ERC candidate for the presidency of the Generalitat, Father Aragonès, urged JxCat and the CUP to reach an agreement with the “speed” and “solidity” required by “the current moment” in Catalonia.

In his speech to the National Council of the ERC, Aragonès underlined that Esquerra will not stop “claiming the broad path” towards independence, a path which passes through the “great consensus”.

To reach an agreement, it is essential, as explained by the CER chairman, that the talks are “honest” and “ambitious” and that they address “all areas”, without avoiding any, “without a veto. “and with” generosity “.

The speeches of Junqueras and Aragonès are part of a context where the ERC and the CUP are accelerating their conversations to try to reach an agreement before the Parliament leaves the polls on 14F is formed next Friday, March 12.

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