Junqueras demands independence for Catalonia and amnesty for all leaders of the trial after his release from prison

Posted: Wednesday June 23 2021 1:16 PM

The leaders of the trial assure that they will continue to work on the path to independence after being pardoned by the government of Pedro Sánchez.

This is what they expressed on their release from prison, while they also defended the amnesty for all the pro-independence politicians who were sentenced, as well as for those who left Spain after the referendum was held. illegal.

Concretely, Oriol Junqueras declared to the media that “nothing is finished today” and that his objective is to “transfer to the political field all the commitments and ideals” of the independence movement. “We want the independence of our country and make the Catalan Republic a reality,” he said in this statement.

Likewise, the leader of Esquerra Republicana stressed that the prison only “reinforced” his “sentences”, as well as those of the rest of the pardoned.

Before transmitting these messages, the former vice-president of the Generalitat spoke about his children and the children who, according to him, “suffered in many ways” during these almost four years. “They locked us up on my son’s birthday and we went to my daughter’s Santo. In this country, there are many children who have suffered in many ways,” he said. stated in this regard.

The rest pardoned, in the same line of Junqueras

Jordi Turull: “They granted us a conditional, revisable and partial pardon. Let them hear it loudly: our commitment to complete what we started on October 1 is neither partial, nor revisable, nor conditional.

Joaquim Forn: “We were worried about how we were going to get out of prison and today we can say that we came out with steadfast convictions, we haven’t changed our minds but we continue to think the same. independence.”

Raül Romeva: “We are going out to work, make no mistake about it. Work for freedom, for amnesty, for self-determination, for the republic. If they think that by locking us in prison they will lock us up, they have wrong city and time “.

Jordi Sànchez: “Today is a great day for this country, because despite all that the Spanish justice and the State have loved and done us, we all left together, worthy and united. We will not accept any silence in exchange of pardons “.

Jordi Cuixart: “Make no mistake, if we, the political prisoners, got out today, it is because the State could not keep us in prison for more days, they were unable to because of pressure from Europe and the Catalans. “

Josep Rull: “We tell them that we will continue to fight for independence. We will achieve the independence of Catalonia and we will win.”

Carme Forcadell: “It’s a small victory to achieve our great victory: amnesty, self-determination and the Catalan Republic.

Dolors Bassa: “The repression is not over, but it is a first step in which graces open the door to doing things through politics.”

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