Junqueras describes the graces as “triumph” because they prove “the weakness of the State” and the Government defends the “culture of forgiveness”

Posted: Sunday June 20 2021 2:31 PM

The president of the Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya (ERC), Oriol Junqueras, has defended that the pardons represent a “triumph” because they show the “weaknesses of the state”. The government believes, however, that “the culture of forgiveness” is a pillar of the country and what is behind these measures of grace which, as one might expect, will be approved this Tuesday in the Council of Ministers.

“The graces will change that we are not in prison,” said the Republican leader in a radio interview, where he insisted that they bet on amnesty and self-determination. “It is a triumph because it shows the weaknesses of the state apparatuses,” he argues.

However, the graces won’t change much, according to Jordi Cuixart, the president of Omnium Cultural and one of the foreseeable graces. “With forgiveness, nothing stops. The fight continues and we will persist,” he said this morning, assuring that these measures of grace will be “the prelude to the defeat that the Spanish state will suffer in Europe”.

The government defended the need for a “culture of forgiveness” and stressed that the function of prison sentences is “social reintegration”. “It is not an act of purification, it is a rule of law”, argued Minister José Luis Ábalos during an evening in Seville. “If they do it again, the state has shown strength not to allow it one or a second,” he said.

The PP, for its part, maintains its position of total rejection. “Do not be fooled by Pedro Sánchez, Junqueras said that grace is a symptom of the weakness of the state. It is an indignity for the Spaniards”, censured the national spokesperson of the popular, José Luis Martínez -Almeida.

“The proof that graces will be of no use is what Nelson Mandela said about independence: they will do it again,” he said.

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