Junqueras says the government’s negotiating attitude is “the best we have seen in a decade”

Posted: Sunday June 27 2021 09:34

The president of the ERC, Oriol Junqueras, assures that the attitude of the Spanish government during the negotiations with Catalonia is “the best we have seen in the last decade”. This is underlined in his first interview after being pardoned from prison, where he assures us that Sánchez’s executive is more “engaged in dialogue and negotiation than the last PP governments”.

“Today it seems that the attitude of the Spanish government when considering a negotiation is the best we have seen in the last decade,” he said on Sunday in ‘La Vanguardia’.

On the table of dialogue, which will be resumed each time Father Aragonès has already been invested president of the Generalitat, the republican leader defends that it is “a commitment of the two governments” and that they will put it. to the test “where we are able to reach”.

In the week in which the pardons to the leaders of the trial were produced, for which he himself left the Lledoners correctional center, Junqueras claims that “usury” was suffered by all. “Those of us who are willing to work for the welfare of society must be prepared to accept usury. We are not here for easy applause.”

However, Junqueras forcefully affirms that he has at no time maintained telephone contact with Sánchez: “Not since we left nor since we entered, nor during, nor during, nor after, nor before, nor ever. . “

Regarding the position of the PP, which has been radically against the pardon measures and with a very hard position on how to reorient the situation in Catalonia, Junqueras stressed that “there are political groups that have not much interest in talking to us “and that they cannot” force them “. In this sense, the president of the ERC is committed to addressing “the general public”.

From now on, once the pardon has been commuted from the prison sentence, Junqueras will resume dialogue with the Catalan economic and social sectors and will visit in Geneva the secretary general of his training, Marta Rovira, on the run since 2017.

Concerning the “exiles”, the former vice-president of the Generalitat defended his position of going to prison and not remaining a fugitive, as in the case of the former president Carles Puigdemont: “It seemed to me that this was part of me, of my career and of my way of being, assuming that prison is part of the path to freedom, as in other parts of the world or at other times in history “.

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