Junta de Extremadura rewards Ibermutua for its promotion of occupational safety and health

Junta de Extremadura rewards Ibermutua for its promotion of occupational safety and health

Thus, the activity carried out by the Entity last year in Cceres and Badajoz to promote safe behavior and the integration of prevention in organizations as fundamental values ​​of commercial activity is recognized.

BY RRHH Digital, 14:18 – 31 December 2020

Ibermutua, mutual collaborator of Social Security, obtained the “Prize for the promotion of health and safety at work as a fundamental value of commercial activity” awarded by the Minister of Education and Employment of the Junta de Extremadura.

The award is part of the awards of the Council of Extremadura for the Promotion of Safety and Health at Work in its 2019 edition. The decision was published in the Official Journal of Extremadura on December 23 and signed by the Head of the Department of Occupational Safety and Health, Inmaculada Barrero Traves.

In the application it is emphasized that Ibermutua has developed a series of online information programs for associated companies of the Autonomous Community of Extremadura, as well as prevention programs to help them promote, organize and implement health and safety plans in their environment to make its workers aware of the importance of good preventive and healthy habits at work and in the family environment. These include the Healthy Enterprise program, the vocational rehabilitation program or the job adaptation program (PROF2 ergonomic job catalog), the accident reduction program for companies with fewer than 50 workers, among others.

Along with these programs, there is also a set of informative actions (more than 45 different) and online workshops developed by Ibermutua in 2019, as well as visits to mutuals to advise on the promotion and improvement of occupational health and safety. For its part, the chapter on preventive resources includes video animations of accidents, infographics or information pills.

All these actions that Ibermutua has deployed were managed through the online portal, exclusively accessible to associated companies, called “ Disclosure Portal ”,, also accessible from the website of the company www.ibermutua. is that, in addition, it has significantly expanded its preventive content due to the Covid 19 pandemic and safe return to work routes.

Finally, Ibermutua has developed specific collaborations with the Extreme Center for Occupational Health and Safety (CESSLA) to carry out stress management and road safety workshops, and with the Construction Labor Foundation in a workshop on personal protective equipment. In short, in 2019 Ibermutua organized a total of 11 sessions in Extremadura attended by more than 180 workers and middle managers of companies from the community of Extremadura.

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