Junts and the CUP respond to the Junqueras platform that they do not give up the unilateral path

Posted: Monday June 07, 2021 1:24 PM

First reactions from the independence milieu to Oriol Junqueras’ column that LaSexta is publishing for the first time. The leader of the ERC admits that the unilateral path does not work, he bet on a concerted referendum and considers for the first time that the pardon can “mitigate the conflict”.

From CUP, one of the groups that supported the inauguration of Pere Aragonés, they are resounding. “We will not get on a train that is going nowhere,” they told LaSexta. “The path of the ERC envisages dialogue with Spain as a means of resolving the political conflict with Catalonia. This path has already proved unsuccessful and, therefore, the exercise of self-determination will only be possible from unilateralism. “

They assure that the only way out “is amnesty and self-determination, which is the majority demand and also systematically endorsed by the ballot box in all the elections of the last 10 years” and they add: “What we have come to do this legislature is to respond to the situation of multiple crises that the country is experiencing and that is why we have just promoted a program of social and political transformation, a strategy to overcome the impositions of the State and a proposal to advance towards self-determination and independence. “

Elsa Artadi of JxCat says sovereign entities “are not giving up on the unilateral path”. The sources of PdCat for their part value that it is an “important gesture that should not be underestimated”, they consider that it is a “full rectification” and that ‘it must be used for dialogue. It is, they specify to LaSexta, “a confirmation that ERC ceases to be in a hurry and abandons the scenarios with temporary commitments”. “The abandonment of unilateralism is transcendent. These are reasonable positions that the central government must now materialize in one way or another,” they stress.

Marta Vilalta, d’Esquerra, asserted that Junqueras’ article “what he explains and conveys is very clear is the commitment to dialogue for negotiation, the resolution of a conflict of a political nature and the resolution through politics and democracy, focus on dialogue, just like the Scottish Way has done “.

Regarding the resignation from the unilateral path that Junqueras manifests in the rostrum, Vilalta says that “there is no news about the political project, we want to help the people, the best way is to listen to everyone and that means being able to vote, a referendum and that happens by the agreed way, which Scotland or Quebec have done ”.

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