Jupiter Aurora Pictures: NASA shares photos of 23-year-old Jupiter illuminated by Aurora – NASA shared 23-year-old photos when the mighty Aurora illuminated giant Jupiter

U.S. space agency NASA has shared photos of Jupiter taken 23 years ago. In these images, we can see the northern and southern lights (Aurora) of the largest planet in the solar system. These beautiful views can also be seen from the earth and a large number of people reach the northern and southern hemispheres to see them. Looking at the NASA photos, people are forced to stop.

These photos were shared with NASA’s Hubble Telescope Instagram account. These were published 23 years ago. These aurorae are visible in ultraviolet light in these photos taken from Hubble. NASA wrote that these auroras in the atmosphere above Jupiter are like the best curtains of light. According to NASA, the largest aurora in the solar system can be seen on Jupiter. Auroras form when high energy particles hit the atmosphere near the poles.

NASA has reported that the auroras seen on Jupiter are larger than those on Earth and never stop. Aurora is the light produced by the collision of the solar wind in the earth’s magnetosphere. The blue and green lights provide a captivating sight that people expect to see. These are amazing lights in the sky in the form of the Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis in the Northern Hemisphere and the Northern Lights or Aurora Austral in the Northern Hemisphere.

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