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Jupiter, the largest planet in our universe, has hidden many puzzles within itself. One of them is the one whose answer can show its similarity to the earth. A new study has found that mysterious X-rays from the aurorae of Jupiter suggest this process may be similar to that of Earth. The aurora (aurora borealis or australia) on Earth is formed when radiation from the Sun collides with the Earth’s magnetic field. Colored light is scattered when energetically charged particles collide with the atmosphere.

For 40 years the puzzle has become entangled

Like Earth, they are also visible at the poles of many other planets. Jupiter’s magnetic field is 20,000 times stronger than that of Earth. Therefore, the auroras formed here are also more energetic. X-rays also emerge from the aurorae of Jupiter. Jupiter’s moons are made up of electrically charged sulfur and oxygen ions emanating from Io. Study co-researcher Zhonghua Yao told that scientists have been trying to understand this whole process for almost 40 years. For this, the researchers relied on NASA’s Juno probe orbiting Jupiter and studied its magnetic field.

Why are x-rays made?

At the same time, the X-rays of Jupiter were analyzed using the European Space Agency’s XMM-Newton telescope, in orbit around the Earth. According to, each aurora on Jupiter emits so much energy that a single power plant on Earth will build in several days. These X-rays travel in continuous beats like the Aurora clock. These beats last a few minutes and last for several hours. Scientists have discovered that these X-rays are formed due to vibrations in Jupiter’s magnetic field lines.

like the earth

Plasma is generated due to vibrations which push heavy ions towards the magnetic field lines. From there, when they strike the atmosphere, they release energy in the form of X-rays. Aurora forms on Earth because of such plasma waves. Study co-lead William Dunn told that despite Jupiter’s vastness, the process of aurora formation appears to be the same. It can be deduced that the processes of the space environment are the same. This study is published in the journal Science Advances.

Why is the pole sky bathed in a rain of colored lights?

Why is the pole sky bathed in a rain of colored lights?

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