“Just because you can take it off doesn’t mean you have to take it off”

Posted: Monday June 21 2021 20:27

“Just because you can take them out doesn’t mean you have to take them out.” This is how Fernando Simón spoke on Monday about the use of the mask in the open air, just a few days away so that from Saturday it ceases to be compulsory when the safety distance can be maintained.

To questions from the press, the director of the CCAES recalled in this regard that sometimes “we think that when something is allowed it must be done” and added that “if someone wants to continue wearing the mask, welcome”.

“People must understand that when they feel that there are too many people around them or when they feel that there is a risk of transmission, they calmly put on the mask and nothing happens”, a said Simón, who reiterated that “you can delete it in some specific cases does not mean you have to delete it”. “We tend to think that when there is a right it must always be exercised, because sometimes it is not necessary”, he insisted.

Asked specifically about the elderly, Simón assured that “they do not have to be afraid”, since they are “vaccinated and therefore, in general, protected”. However, he acknowledged that “there is a percentage of them, small, 10%, who even on the full diet may not have developed immunity” so it “doesn’t hurt” whether they use the mask, even in “outdoor situations or when they consider that they are in a situation where there may be a risk of transmission.”

A consideration that Simón considers “important for everyone”, not just for those most vulnerable to the coronavirus: “A mask weighs nothing, it can be carried in a pocket and it is practical,” he said. In this sense, he stressed that, “although we are planning to walk in an uninhabited area”, it may be that “at any time we find ourselves in situations where we have to use it, because there can be crowds. , because we can use public transport “or for any other reason.

“It costs nothing to wear a mask in your pocket and when you think there may be a risk, put it on. We’re used to it enough that no one is struck by it,” he concludes.

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