Just like the trusted platform to promote equality in AENOR organizations

Just like the trusted platform to promote equality in AENOR organizations

AENOR launches the ‘Contributing to Diversity’ Trust Platform which includes different certification and verification solutions to promote trust and help organizations promote gender equality management, a concept that is increasingly present on the public agenda and with almost unanimous agreement in Western societies on the need for progress in this area.

Organizations don’t need to start from scratch to develop effective and reliable equality policies, “there are benchmarks, real ‘navigation maps’ on equality, developed on the basis of one contact close to the market and direct knowledge of best practices. commonly accepted. Their power to create confidence in a real commitment to equality grows exponentially when they are audited by a widely recognized certifier thanks to the endorsement of interest groups and because the periodic review helps maintain the momentum within the organization. says Susana Pedrero, director of personnel and organization of AENOR.

Two of the platform’s most relevant solutions are, on the one hand, the certification of the Gender Equality Management System (SGIG) and that of Equal Remuneration. In the SGIG AENOR certifies that beyond legal compliance, the company proves a real commitment to gender equality through traceable evidence; since the management system is auditable through management indicators at each point in the professional life cycle (hiring, training, development, remuneration, labor relations, evaluation, etc.).

In addition, it ensures that the entire people management business strategy is guided by the criterion of gender equality in a holistic manner and that actions are not isolated efforts. For the management system, the addition of the gender approach implies integrated and comprehensive measures to change the organizational structure and culture, creating fairer and more dignified conditions for the professionals of the organization.

On the other hand, the Equal remuneration certification verifies that the company has a remuneration system that manages all salary and extra-salary concepts without gender bias and that in the event of salary differences, it has a action plan. In addition, compliance with this action plan is checked periodically by AENOR. Ultimately, this certification helps organizations gain confidence that they pay in the same way as people in positions with similar duties and tasks, regardless of gender.

The two certifications are joined in the platform to other solutions such as the application of the Chilean standard NCh 3262 of management of gender equality and the reconciliation of professional, family and personal life, verification of information not financial, certification as a healthy organization and the responsible family business model. .

The commitment to equality of organizations is an essential area, among others, for all companies that manage to make trust a competitive advantage. In this sense, AENOR has spent more than three decades helping to transform society by generating trust between organizations and people and has developed the trust platform “Contribute to diversity” with the aim of helping organizations to consolidate confidence in their actions in their activities. interlocutors, testifying to a series of commitments.

For organizations that have the ambition to win over the long term, it is imperative to build trust between their stakeholders. But trust cannot develop as a general attribute, but in specific areas which must coincide with the dominant values ​​in society at each moment of its evolution.

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