Justice cancels curfew in Canary Islands and island closures with highest level of alert

Publication: Sunday May 9, 2021 4:48 PM

The Superior Court of Justice of the Canary Islands (TSJC) rejects the maintenance of the curfew in the archipelago and the closure of the perimeter of the islands at alert levels 3 and 4, measures whose ratification had been requested by the Canarian government before the end of the alarm state.

The Court considers that the ratification of the restriction of entry and exit of persons in the islands which are at alert levels 3 and 4, the highest expected by the epidemiological “ traffic light ” and in which it does not occur. currently found, is not suitable islands.

Likewise, Justice rejects the restriction on freedom of movement at night, a measure that the executive of Ángel Víctor Torres intended to maintain, with different schedules depending on the alert level of each island.

However, the court approves the limitation of the maximum number of people not living together in family and social gatherings, in spaces for public and private use, closed or outdoors. A restriction that also differs according to the level of risk of the island, according to the resolution published Friday in the Official Journal of the community:

a) Up to alert level 1, a maximum number of 10 people is established.

b) At alert level 2, a maximum number of 6 people is established.

c) At alert level 3, a maximum number of 4 people is established.

d) At alert level 4, a maximum number of 2 people is established.

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