Justice understands that it is part of the “legitimate ideological fight”


Posted: Monday July 19, 2021 11:53 AM

The provincial court of Madrid has definitively closed the file of the Vox electoral poster on unaccompanied foreign minors.

In this sense, according to the judicial body, this whole affair was framed in “the legitimate ideological-partisan struggle” which can take place within the framework of an election, which is why it defines the poster as a simple ” electoral message “and he reaffirms that” nothing indicates that the events denounced are incidentally criminal offenses “.

After this step, and since it is a firm order, there is no recourse against it. A court case that was promoted by the Prosecutor’s Office, the Progressive Citizen Association, the PSOE and United We Can, who opposed the decision of the Madrid judge to archive the case by not appreciating a hate crime.

In this way, the Court definitively put the case aside, defending the aforementioned ideological and partisan struggle. “It is an electoral competition where the verbal excesses which are committed by some and other political actors constitute a maxim of the experience”, they explain, and conclude: “It must be interpreted as an electoral message addressed to a much larger group than that. menas “.

On the Vox poster, displayed in a Madrid station in Cercanías, we saw on one side an old woman and on the other a young migrant with the following text: “An ore 4,700 euros per month, your grandmother 426 euros of pension / month ”, with the slogan“ Protect Madrid, vote safely ”. A message that is false, as we have explained, because these young people do not receive this amount, which also depends on their needs.

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