Justin Trudeau in Islamophobic attacks: Islamophobia in Canada attacks on a mosque

Attacks on Muslims in Canada are on the rise. In the face of such incidents across the country, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has expressed his deep displeasure. He called the growing number of Islamophobic attacks unacceptable. In fact, some malicious elements have targeted the Baitul Hadi Mosque in Edmonton, Canada. They made a sacred symbol of another religion on the wall of the mosque. Trudeau’s anger has erupted since then.

Muslim family attacked
A few days ago in the city of Ontario, a truck driver purposely ran over a Muslim family of Pakistani descent. Four family members were killed in this accident. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has also been attacked for Islamophobia after the murder of a Muslim family. Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan also expressed his anger over the incident.

What did Trudeau say about Islamophobia?
After the attack on the mosque today, Prime Minister Trudeau said the damage to the Betul Hadi Mosque in Edmonton is unacceptable. The number of Islamophobic attacks is increasing across the country. The onus of combating this hatred should not fall on those who attack them – all Canadians must unite against these despicable acts.

In Canada, the crushing of the Pakistani Muslim family comes down, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau surrounded by Islamophobia
Trudeau has already spoken out against Islamophobia
After the truck loading incident on a Muslim family, Justin Trudeau tweeted that I had spoken to the mayor about this heinous and heinous attack. I told them that we will continue to use all possible means to fight Islamophobia. I want to tell Muslims across the country that we are by your side. Islamophobia has no place in any of our societies. This hatred is deadly and odious. It absolutely must be closed.

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