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Around the world, we see anger at the deliberate crushing of a Muslim family of Pakistani descent in Canada. In this horrific incident, 4 people died and one person is still fighting for life or death. Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan condemned the incident, saying it shows Islamophobia is on the rise in Western countries. After the murder of a Muslim family, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was also attacked for Islamophobia.

Canadian officials said the family was targeted by the truck driver for being Muslim. The incident happened Sunday night in the Ontario city of London. The administration said a youth was arrested near the mall after the incident. Police said the vehicle trampled victims on a bend. City mayor Ed Holder said: “This is a case of mass murder against Muslims. The accused committed this incident because of racial hatred.

The deceased have been identified as Salman Afzal (46), a Canadian citizen of Pakistani descent, his wife Madiha (44), their daughter Yumana (15) and their grandmother, 74. The name of the elderly woman has not been released. The name of the child admitted to the hospital was given as Fayaz. Relatives of the victims of the incident released a statement saying people should stand up to end racial hatred and hatred against Islam.

“Those who knew Salman and his family knew he was a very good Muslim,” the statement said. The family members were doing very well in their respective fields. Her children were also doing well in their studies at their school. After the incident, police cordoned off the crime scene and more evidence is being collected. Police Chief Stephen Williams said: “We believe the family was targeted for being Muslim.”

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau tweeted that I had spoken to the Mayor of London about this heinous and heinous attack. I told them that we will continue to use all possible means to fight Islamophobia. I want to tell Muslims across the country that we are by your side. Islamophobia has no place in any of our societies. This hatred is deadly and odious. It absolutely must be closed.

After this tweet, the Canadian Prime Minister is now the target of Islamophobic people. Pakistani journalist Hamid Mir said: “Mr. Trudeau, you have not even named the innocent victims of terrorism in Canada. They were killed because they were Muslims. Thanks for mentioning Islamophobia. It was a terrorist attack in Canada. It was a hate crime.

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