Kaavan’s Loneliest Elephant in the World: World’s Loneliest Elephant Freed from Pakistani Cruelty, Superstar Welcomed – World’s Loneliest Elephant Kaavan lands in Cambodia from Pakistan greeted by dear American singer

The world’s loneliest elephant, who endured years of torture in Pakistan, is now breathing in the open. This elephant named Kavan reached Cambodia after traveling about 4,000 kilometers by plane. Kawan was very well received by American superstar Cher in Cambodia and the rest of the elephants at the sanctuary. Along with Kavan, who spent 36 years of his life, the zoo in the capital of Islamabad, Pakistan, received such cruel behavior and substandard facilities that vigorous protests against him started around the world. Let’s know the whole story of Caravan …..

What was greeted by the newly trained elephant?

Kawan, who was free from Pakistani cruelty, first encountered another elephant after about 8 years. This meeting of Kavan was worth the detour. Kavan’s newly formed friend greeted him by mixing the trunk with the trunk. Kavan liked this new house. He got soaked in mud in the Cambodian shrine. The caravan will not only be protected from the strong sun by this mud, but the insects will not bite it. Kawan appeared relaxed after reaching Cambodia and also slept for a while. Kavan will now be transported from Siem Reap to the neighboring province of Oddar Mianche where he will spend his life in an animal sanctuary with 600 other elephants.

Kavan’s ‘Saheli’ dies, cruelty in Pakistan

Kavan was brought from Sri Lanka to the Pakistan Zoo. Sri Lanka donated Kavan’s Elephant in 1985 to improve relations with Pakistan. An elephant named Saheli was brought to Bangladesh from Bangladesh in 1990 after being alone for almost 5 years. Kavan and Saheli stayed together until 2012. Saheli was killed in 2012, again leaving Caravan alone. Meanwhile, cruelty to Kawan increased in Xu in Pakistan. He was still chained. In 2016, Kavan’s liberation campaign intensified.

The American singer showed up to help Kavan

Kavan’s suffering was well understood by American singer Cher and he launched the campaign on social media. His efforts paid off, and a Pakistani court ordered Kavan to move to a better location than Islamabad in May. In October, it was announced that Kavan’s elephant would be taken to Cambodia. Preparations began in November to take Kawan to Cambodia. A party was also organized in Islamabad to bid farewell to Kavan. American singer Cher has arrived in Pakistan to say goodbye to Kavan. Cher also traveled to Cambodia after Pakistan where she warmly welcomed Kavan.

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