kab khatm ho jaega coronavirus: Corona virus outbreak could take four to five years to end: Singaporean minister says it may take four to five years for the coronavirus outbreak to end

Singapore’s senior minister has warned that it may take four to five years for the Kovid-19 outbreak to end and life to return to normal. Addressing the Singapore-2021 Perspective on Monday by the Institute for Policy Studies in Singapore, Education Minister Lawrence Wong said there were many uncertainties in the years to come up.

Wong is also the co-chair of the staff of ministers set up to deal with Kovid-19 in Singapore. He also shared his hopes for how the future might be “postponed” after the outbreak. According to Channel News Asia news, Wong said, “After some time the outbreak will end, but it may take four to five years to completely end the outbreak and return to normal life after Kovid-19.” . What will the new world look like after Kovid-19? No one can tell.

He said there was a lot of uncertainty over the nature of society due to the Corona virus in the years to come. Wong said precautionary measures such as wearing masks and preventing congestion will continue this year and may even continue for much of next year. Let us tell you, most Americans have been killed by the corona virus spread from China.

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