Kabinda Kalimina viral video: video: during the LIVE show, the news anchor expressed her pain of not getting a salary, the video went viral – watch the video kbn news anchor kabinda kalimina demands her salary on live tv in zambia

A news anchor from the African country of Zambia demanded a salary from the company during the live newscast itself. After which this video of him becomes more and more viral on social networks. After reading headlines across the country and around the world, this KBN news anchor spread panic by talking about his non-payment of his salary to himself and other employees. Typically, no news anchor was seen doing this during the live broadcast.

What did the anchor say?
The name of the news anchor seen in the video that went viral is Kabinda Kalimina. He works as a presenter on the KBN news channel in Zambia. After reading the headlines, Kabinda Kalimina accused KBN TV (Kenmark Broadcasting Network) of saying that apart from the news, ladies and gentlemen, we are human beings too. We have to pay, unfortunately KBN did not pay us … Sharon and others including me were not paid. We have to pay.

channel stopped live
It was only after the presenter had said so much that the channel immediately stopped the live broadcast. After which news anchor Kabinda Kalimina herself shared the video of this incident. He wrote that, yes I did it on live TV because most journalists are afraid to speak, that doesn’t mean journalists shouldn’t speak.

Millions of people watched the video on Facebook
Millions of people have seen this video of him. Many people liked and shared this shared video on Facebook. Many people in the post’s comments advocated the salary of the presenter and other staff. At the same time, KBN released a statement calling the presenter an alcoholic. He also complained about the behavior of the anchor. Kennedy Mmbwe, CEO of KBN TV, said: “We are shocked at the behavior of a drunken presenter in a music video.

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