Kalahari Bushmen Tribe: Everything You Need to Know About the Kalahari Bushmen Tribe:

There are many prehistoric tribes living on the African continent, including the “Bushman” tribe. He has lived in the South African landmass, Namibia, the Kalahari Desert, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Angola from very ancient times, for around 20,000 years. Ratnesh Pandey, a professional geophysicist, told Shatakshi Asthana for Navbharat Times Online that this primitive “Bushman” tribe is nomadic by nature. They wear loincloths and move in search of food with arrows and arrows on their shoulders. During this journey, whenever an animal becomes their victim, these people eat its meat. The Bushmen do not stay in place for long. They roam in search of prey throughout the day and choose a place to stay in the evening. Bushmen eat not only roots and fruits, but almost everything like locusts, termites, lizards, caterpillars and centipedes.

every animal is food

The number of such people is around 10,000. The reason behind such a labor force of Bushmen is that many times they have been brutalized and slaughtered. The Bushmen were so naive that they regarded every animal as their food and could not differentiate wild animals from domestic animals. When a herd of domesticated non-tribal cows roamed the Bushmans’ territory, they hunted these cows for food. In retaliation, Bushmen were murdered. Bushmen groups traditionally have 20 members or less. Their main job is hunting and gathering food. These people babysit their children on every hunt so that the fear in the children can stop. People here still make tools and weapons from stones.

From lizard to sheep, everything is food

They use arrowheads, daggers or axes to kill their prey. They eat giraffes, zebras, rabbits, antelopes, ducks with frogs, lizards, fish and insects. Plant roots, berries and honey are important parts of their food. This tribe does not store food for a long time because there is a fear of spoilage due to the heat of the Kalahari. These people store water in the roots of plants growing under the desert soil and in the eggs of melons and even ostriches. The Bushman people live in huts made of tall grass and branches. Lions, hyenas, deer and many other creatures are found in the Kalahari Desert. People of the Bushman race hunt with arrows and spears. They use different methods to trap larger prey, such as trapping the prey in a mud trap, dropping it into pits, and drinking poisoned water. A bushman eats half of a sheep at a time. (AFP)

chase away

The Bushman tribes use poisonous arrowheads, sharp sticks, spears, spears, and firearms for hunting. Even on the front side of the arrows, sharp pieces made from ostrich and giraffe foot bones are applied. With this, the prey located at a distance of about 60 meters is also easily killed. After killing the prey, the bushmen make ropes with the bark of the tree to tie it up. Each family in the Bushman tribe makes arrangements for their own food. These people speak ‘Khisan’ languages ​​to communicate with each other. When speaking these languages, consonants are used in place of vowels. These people also imitate the speech of animals. When animals respond to their voices, they get to know their location. This facilitates their hunting. (Reuters)

Utensils, ornaments are made from eggs

The Bushman tribes have very few utensils. They use ostrich eggs to hold water. Even the women of this community make ornaments from her eggs. These people make deerskin bags to collect or carry things. They make cups and other wooden utensils for eating. They live in rock caves. The most important wealth of the Kalahari Desert is water. Experienced people know where there is water. There, the young people dig wells or extract water using plant stems. Each Bushman tribe has a secret well, carefully covered with stones or covered with sand. There is no official leader of their community. Only the elderly are consulted. Seniors also treat illnesses based on their experience. (Photo: AFP)

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