Kalashnikov gadget gun: the company making AK-47 gadget gun launched gadget gun, will teach the correct way to shoot

Kalashnikov Concern, the company that produces AK-47 in Russia, launched the gadget gun. This gun will teach people to shoot correctly. With this weapon, this gun manufacturing company tries to help young people, especially game lovers. The director of the Kalashnikov, Dmitry Tarasov, said that this semi-automatic was a 12-caliber hunting rifle. It is developed from a hunting rifle named МР-155 Ultima. This shotgun was only launched by Kalashnikov last year. Previously, this company also introduced a new rifle named AK-521, which is better than AK-47 in every way. This rifle can stack the enemy up to 800 meters thanks to its precise fire.

The built-in computer will learn to shoot

This shotgun has a built-in computer, which can teach the user to shoot efficiently. In a conversation with Russia’s RBC Business Daily, Dmitry Tarasov said it was the first gadget weapon. Its job is to attract viewers who are born with gadgets and cannot imagine themselves without them. Referring to people born since the mid-1990s, he said traditional hunting is now becoming rare. He also said that I really wanted people to bear arms responsibly.

The company revealed the price of the shotgun

The estimated price of this new high-tech hunting rifle in Russia is estimated at $ 1348 or Rs 98,227. It can also be connected with compass and video camera. The Kalashnikov Group is Russia’s largest arms manufacturer and is part of the Rostec public defense group. Kalashnikov claims that he alone produces around 95% of Russia’s small arms.

Russia manufactures AK-521 rifle, enemy smokes up to 800 meters

Kalashnikov Concern, the company that produces AK-47 in Russia, has developed an even more deadly AK-521. The 7.62х39 and 5.56х45 cartridges will be used in this rifle. The AK-521 will be deadlier than the first rifles in its series. The maintenance of this rifle will also be very low, so that soldiers can use them easily even in inaccessible areas. It is believed that this Russian company will soon produce an export version of this rifle, which will be presented to foreign friendly countries.

The use of polymer also reduces the weight of the AK-521

Like all other 500 series rifles, it will also have an upper and lower receiver. All of the heavy load-bearing parts of this rifle are made of metal, while polymers are used at the rifle grip points and at the hold points next to the magazine. This will not only give the rifle more strength, but it has also been made less heavy by the use of polymers.

Not only the army is also the first choice of AK-47 terrorists

Kalashnikov Concern’s most famous AK-47 rifle is used by more than 30 countries in its army. Composed mainly of 8 parts, the AK-47 rifle requires very little maintenance. This is why terrorists also use this rifle a lot. Many terrorist organizations like Al-Qaeda, Al Shabaab, Boko Haram, ASIS, Taliban, Lashkar-e-Taiba and Jaish-e-Mohammed terrorists use this rifle.

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