Kamala Harris Oath Ceremony: Indian Origin

Kamala Harris, the daughter of a Native American mother of Tamil origin, made history on Wednesday. She became the first female vice president in America, the most powerful country in the world. She is the first black woman to reach number one in America. Harris has been a household name in American politics and has a deep connection to India.

Born in California in 1964, Harris’s mother was a physician of Indian descent and her father an economist from Jamaica. Kamala’s mother, Shyamala Gopalan, has always wanted her children to be connected to their Indian roots. Shyamala was a well-known cancer researcher and activist. Shyamala also graduated from the University of Delhi.

The story was created earlier
Harris was the second black woman and the first South Asian-American woman to reach the upper house of the United States Congress. As a senator, she spoke out against President Donald Trump. However, he also supported Trump on foreign policy. Trump and the Republican camp made heavy attacks on Harris during the election campaign.

First appearance with biden
Kamla, who first appeared with Biden, said her mother had a big role in her life. He said, “My mother Shyamala grew up teaching my sister Maya and myself that it is in our hands and every generation in America to keep moving forward. She used to say don’t sit down and complain about things, do something.

Activism learned from parents
Their parents came together during the civil rights movement in the 1960s and met shouting and marching for justice on the streets of Oakland. Kamla said the struggle continues today. “My parents would take me to demonstrations,” she says. Kamla said that being influenced by her mother, she decided to fight for equal rights in law. After that, Kamala became district attorney and attorney general.

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