Kamala Harris Vogue cover controversy: Kamala Harris, who appeared on the cover of ‘Vogue,’ created a row on social media – find out why US Vice President-elect Kamala Harris Vogue Cover sparked controversy

Controversy has now erupted over the cover page of the cover page of Vogue, the magazine of new US Vice President Kamala Harris. The “cover” of the February edition of Vogue magazine can be seen on Kamala Harris, but her team says the two sides agreed not on this image, but on the other. As soon as Vogue magazine posted this photo, there was a flood of comments.

On the ‘cover’ of Vogue magazine, Kamla Harris wears Mango clothes and ‘Converse Chuck Taylor sneakers’ (shoes), instead of the blue suit she wore during filming, which she often wears. seen during promotional campaigns. Were Also Worn According to someone involved with how Harris would be featured on the magazine’s “cover,” the Harris team was unaware the images had been altered until the magazine’s release on Saturday.

At the same time, “ Vogue ” magazine said in a statement that they chose a photo of Harris reflecting their routine because it reflected their “ dependable and sociable nature, ” which “ we believe the president newly elected Joe Biden and Harris. It is a great identity of the administration. The magazine said it had published both photographs on the “cover” of “Digital Magazine”, given the gravity of this moment in history and his (Harris) role in the country going forward.

Users also alleged that the magazine intentionally showed Kamala Harris’ photo as a blonde. One pro-LGBTQ activist wrote: “This image is terrible in itself. This is well below the standard of Vogue magazine. Harris will be the first woman of Indo-African descent to serve as Vice President of the United States. She will be sworn in on January 20.

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