Kamala Harris will become vice president of more than half of American voters?

More than half of the 51% of Washington America’s voters believe the Democratic Party should be the country’s vice president. This was revealed in an exit poll from the NBC news show. The survey found that 43% of people opposed Harris’ candidacy. Republican candidate Mike Pence is in front of Harris. Harris will make history? Harris is supported by two-thirds of African-American and Latin voters. However, Harris is supported by just under half of White and Asian voters. If Harris is elected, she will be the first black woman and man to serve as the Vice President of the United States. At the same time, on Election Day, Senator Harris suddenly arrived at the Greater Grace Temple polling station in Detroit, Michigan. This zone is mainly made up of black voters. He came here and thanked the people for standing in line and voting from the ballot. Calling on people to vote, Harris said, “Motivating people to vote by standing in line might be more, but when we think about what we want for ourselves, for our children, what do people want? next four years for the family, the community, the next generation. Which is better than what we’re going to get in return. The results were decided by two votes, said Harris, “The 2016 Michigan election was decided on the basis of an average of two votes per Michigan constituency. Two votes! Can you think that if we can inspire two more people to vote today then it can be decided who will be America’s next president. On the other hand, Harris’ Uncle G. Balachandran said that if Donald Trump wins the election, only God will save America. America is currently in a complicated situation.

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