karachi corona kiss: Pakistan Karachi Covid Positive Man Kisses: Kovid positive man kisses his partner in Karachi

A strange case has come to light within the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC). Here, an officer kissed another officer for revenge. Breadth was reached when he later revealed he was infected with the corona virus. According to reports, the accused met many people, not just this victim, after he tested positive at the crown. When the other employees learned the truth, they fled the office in fear.

The accused was suspended in October
According to Geo News, KMC had appointed this person as deputy manager. He went to hug the director of the human resources department. After that he said he was positive for Kovid. In fact, the man alleged that he had not received a salary for several months. At the same time, the aggrieved officer claims that the accused was suspended on October 5. Charges of corruption have been proven against him.

No fear of infection, but will act
The accused employee had met several people in addition to the manager. When these people learned that the accused tested positive in Kovid, they escaped from the office. However, the director says he is not afraid of the infection as he tested positive four months ago but will take legal action against the accused. Please say that so far more than 4 lakh 13,000 cases of corona virus have been reported in Pakistan and 8,303 people have died.

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