Kashmir issue in UK Parliament: Pakistani ‘scenario’ delivered in UK parliament over Kashmir, raging India voiced strong opposition – India condemns ‘false statements’ in UK parliament to discuss from Kashmir

India formed strong opposition to false and unconfirmed allegations in the British Parliament on Wednesday on the Kashmir issue. The Indian High Commission in London also expressed strong objection to the wording of the discussion held at Westminster Hall in the House of Commons. India expressed disappointment at the participation of British MPs, saying the discussion was based on false statements and unconfirmed allegations made by a third country (Pakistan).

British MPs from the Indian Embassy well
Wednesday evening at Westminster Hall of the House of Commons, the discussion organized by some British deputies was entitled “Political situation in Kashmir”. The Indian High Commission in London also opposed the use of such words, describing them as problematic in themselves. The High Commission said in a statement that with reference to the use of the word “ Kashmir ” in the title: Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir, which is an integral part of India and Pakistan occupied Kashmir (when the former state of Kashmir was legally imposed on India in October 1947 If included, this part is to be understood by Pakistan forcibly and illegally).

India raised questions about the words of the discussion
India said it was also aware that, despite the public availability of sufficient authentic information based on the facts and updated information on the ground, in the context of the territory of the Union of Jammu- and Kashmir from India, the current reality on the ground was ignored. False allegations made by a third country were posted and contained unconfirmed allegations such as “genocide” and “violence” and “torture”.

Britain refused to become a mediator
Responding to the discussion on behalf of the UK government, Foreign, Commonwealth and Development (FDCO) Minister Nigel Adams reiterated the official position that Britain should not play any mediating role in the bilateral issue India-Pakistan. However, he said there were human rights concerns on both sides of the Line of Control (LoC).

British Minister said – Our policy on stable Kashmir
Being the minister’s responsibility for Asia, Adams said the UK government’s policy on Kashmir is stable and there is no change. We have always believed that India and Pakistan must find a long-term political solution to the situation in which the aspirations of the Kashmiri people are taken into account, as the Simla Accord indicates.

Labor Party attacked Kashmir human rights issue again
The discussion, hosted by Sarah Owen of the Labor Party, brought together MPs from various political parties across the UK, most of which have a good population of Kashmiri descent in their constituencies. He expressed concern over alleged human rights violations and called on the UK government for easy access to the region so that direct reports from future Jammu and Kashmir and Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK) can be presented to the British Parliament.

All administrative decisions of Kashmir internal subject of India
The Indian High Commission in London pointed out that a smart Wi-Fi project last year enabled high-speed internet access in the region and despite threats of terrorist attacks, harsh weather conditions and the epidemic of Kovid-19, the SDC was there last month. Historic elections have taken place. The Indian High Commission said in its statement that Jammu and Kashmir, following the administrative reorganization in August 2019, is on the path to good governance and rapid development. All administrative measures taken by the Indian government in Jammu and Kashmir are entirely internal to India.

India said to Britain by gestures
The statement said that it is not the policy of India to take undue interest in the internal discussion held in a foreign parliament, but the Indian High Commission with all parties concerned by providing authentic information about India and removing misconceptions and misinformation. Communique that includes UK government and MPs.

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