Kaun Hai Richard Branson: Kaun Hai Richard Branson: Who is Richard Branson

Why would British businessman Richard Branson, who has been successful in the business world for decades, decide to go to space at the age of 70? The answer to this question is likely to be found in Branson’s adventures so far. He says he can’t get away from any job because he likes to take on challenges. Perhaps the most striking thing about Richard is that he has escaped death 75 times, not once or twice. Once in 1980, on his private island, he was rescued from going into the ditch. Once, while bungee jumping from Victoria Falls for a TV show, he narrowly escaped but was seriously injured. He was also in danger several times while traveling in a hot air balloon. He even mentioned it in his autobiography.

Private island where celebrities party

The private jet or yacht will likely be owned by most of the wealthy, Branson has a submarine named Necker Nymph made by Graham Hawkes. It is so spectacular that the full view of the deep ocean is visible from its cockpit. It can stay above water for two hours. It is usually placed on the private Necker Island of Branson. Neckar Island is located on the British Virgin Islands. He describes it as his favorite place. Celebrities like Oprah, Kate Winslet, David Beckham, Jimmy Fallon, Maraya Carey come here. The overnight rent for the whole island is $ 42,000 and a villa is $ 27,000.

record making

The record of the first to travel to space will not be the first so that Richard will bear his name. In 1986, he held the record for crossing the Atlantic Ocean by motorboat. In 1987, he was part of the team that crossed the Atlantic Ocean in a hot air balloon. This team also held the record for crossing the Pacific Ocean for the first time in 1991. Interestingly, while trying to cross the Atlantic Ocean as quickly as possible, his ship, the Virgin Atlantic Challenger, capsized. and the Royal Air Force arrived to rescue him.

had to go to jail

In 1971, Branson opened the Virgin Records store, providing a new experience to entice young people to buy headphones and music players. However, after 5 months he was arrested for tax evasion. Then his parents released him on bail. He learned from it and set up a studio and label under the name Virgin Records to avoid paying fines and going to jail.

(Source: Time Now)

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