Kaun hai Sun Dawu: Chinese billionaire Sun Dawu jailed for criticizing Xi Jinping

Another billionaire businessman has had to pay the price for speaking out against China’s cruel government. Xi Jinping’s government sentenced Sun Davu, president of the famous agricultural organization Dawu Agriculture Group, to 18 years in prison. Several charges have been brought against him, such as “creating unrest” and “raising crowds to attack government institutions”. Before Davu, many wealthy businessmen, including Alibaba Group founder Jack Ma, had to open their mouths to government criticism.

18 years imprisonment, Rs 3.5 crore fine
Davu is known as an outspoken businessman and spokesperson for fundamental rights. The trial against him took place in secret in Gaobeidian near Beijing. Davu is accused of mobilizing crowds to attack government units, obstruct government administration, create quarrels and hardship. He was sentenced to 18 years in prison and fined 3.5 crore rupees.

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the lawyers were congratulated
In fact, Davu had praised the lawyers amid the lawsuit against government legal workers, after which he was taken into custody. In August 2020, Davu employees prevented a government company from demolishing a company building. After that, apart from Davu, 20 other people were taken into custody and they were also tried and sentenced.

people had huge support
Sun was charged with illegal fundraising in 2003, after which he gained tremendous support from the general public. Since then, Sun has praised those lawyers who help ordinary people because the government put these lawyers in jail. The lawyer in the 2003 Sun case also disappeared in February 2020 and his associates say he was charged with treason of the country.

China: Not only Jack Ma, but many billionaires have succumbed to Xi Jinping’s cruelty in the past
Chinese traders observe
Earlier in January this year, Alibaba founder Jack Ma disappeared and was reportedly jailed by the Chinese government outraged by his attitude. However, later he appeared in public. Before him, a real estate businessman Ren Zhiqiang also disappeared in the same way. He called President Xi a “clown” for his mismanagement of the corona virus outbreak. In 2017, billionaire financier Xian Jianhua was kicked out of a Hong Kong hotel to China and placed under house arrest for more than three years.

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