Kenya donates tea and coffee to India as Covid 19 relief troll Masai also donate cows to United States: “Godan” to America … Kenya’s tea donation to India, don’t laugh, sir! see dani’s heart

From the American superpower to the small country of Mauritius, India, battling the Corona virus epidemic, has provided a large number of ventilators, oxygen cylinders and concentrators, medicines, etc. as a help. In this hour of catastrophe, whatever country it is made of, he is helping India. Meanwhile, the African country of Kenya has also reached out and donated 12 tons of tea, coffee and peanuts to India. Kenya’s High Commissioner Willie Bet said the donation should go to frontline workers who work hours to save lives. Kenya said that with this help, these people will have a “refreshing break” and be able to save lives with total enthusiasm. Kenya’s aid is widely ridiculed on social media. It is said that India, which had failed to control Corona, had only to give tea and peanuts. Contrary to the jokes circulating on social networks, the aid received from Kenya, a poor country, must be considered “invaluable”. Understand why we should be looking at the heart of the donor, not the charity.

Kenya’s Masai tribe donated 14 cows to America

The whole world was shaken after the Al Qaeda terrorist organization’s worst attack on America on September 11. To show their solidarity with America, many countries including Great Britain, Australia sent their troops to Afghanistan to face Al-Qaeda. In the midst of this disaster, the Masai tribe of Kenya donated 14 cows to show their sympathy to the American people. The then deputy head of the US Embassy, ​​William Brancik himself, had arrived to retrieve these cows. William said that I know the cow is the most important thing for the Masai people. He said that the donation of a cow shows the greatest sympathy and care of the Masai people for the American people. The Maasai held a board in their hand at the event, held in a village in Kenya on the border with Tanzania. He said, “To the American people, we donate these cows to help you. The Maasai people lived without electricity or telephones and had no idea of ​​the September 11 attacks. They didn’t even know there were buildings so tall.

America fully respected the charity of the Masai people

America fully respected this gift from the Masai people and played their national anthem while accepting the donation of cows. These cows could not be taken to America and were sold in the local market. The pearls were purchased with this money. Artifacts from the Maasai people were on display in New York. Not only that, the news of the donation of the cow also touched the hearts of the American people and they thanked the Masai people. Not only that, some people in New York have even asked the government to only want donated cows. He said the cow is the most wonderful thing we have in charity. No one else has sent such a donation yet. He said if the Maasai wanted to give jewelry, they could have given it, but they wanted us to have a cow. He said we should have brought the cow and given it back to the Masai people when they were young. The donation of cows by the Masai people has been widely praised across America.

The Masai fight with the lion to protect the cow

According to Ratnesh Pandey, a geologist from Varanasi stationed in Tanzania, the Maasai tribes of Kenya and Tanzania in Africa have lived with ancient means for five thousand years. Not only that, they are used to living in the same environment and the same environment even today. The main occupation of these groups is the breeding of cows and it is around this that their economy revolves. Even these brave people fight with the dreaded animals like the wild lion and the cheetah to protect their cows in the jungle. They kill these dreaded animals without any weapons. The people of the African Masai tribe are very courageous. These people sometimes kill wild lions without any weapons. Sometimes Maasai warriors tear the piece of lions from their mouths when they are hungry. Often in the jungle, the warriors of the Masai tribe keep an eye out for wild lions and when a lion or a group of lions hunt a wild buffalo, giraffe, elephant, etc., the Masai warriors hunt these lions and collect this piece of the lions. He shares it in his community.

Promise of marriage … they hunt lions without arms

The customs of the Masai people are also based on bravery. People marry their daughters to the same men of this tribe who go to the forests and kill at least one lion without any weapons. However, nowadays the government goes to their areas and teaches them that these people should not kill wild animals in the name of tradition. For this reason, this practice has now been drastically reduced. Also for weddings, the boy’s side offers at least 30 cows as a gift to the girl’s side. Only after that the girl’s side marries her daughter in the boy’s family. The women of the Masai tribe cover the lower part of their waist with a cloth but the upper part of the waist remains open. When these women meet their friends, they spit on each other. This special way is a symbol of love and respect in their culture. Not only that, people here give blessings to newborn babies only by spitting. In the marriage of girls, the father spat on their foreheads. Usually, people shake hands with the other person as well after spitting on their hands.

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