Key aspects to motivate bank employees

Maintaining an adequate level of motivation could mean increasing their performance by 44% more and their level of engagement by almost 30%.

BY RRHHDigital, 16:15 – 02 July 2021

The health crisis caused by COVID-19 has not only directly affected the income statements of banking entities or their relationships with customers, but it has also resulted in a change of course in the way of doing business. concerned, betting, for several months, on digitization and teleworking.

Precisely, this remote work has many implications that can affect both the motivation and the productivity of the employees. And such is its impact that, according to Sodexo, maintaining an adequate level of motivation could mean increasing their performance by 44% more and their level of engagement by almost 30%.

This situation presents a challenge for any organization and that is why measures must be put in place to achieve these optimal levels of motivation and productivity. So we could highlight:

Involve everyone “from the top” so that the management team itself becomes an ambassador of these initiatives and proposals. For example, at Hilton – considered the best company to work for according to Fortune 2019 – members of the management team worked a few days in the base positions of that hotel chain to really understand employee concerns. Promote regular and transparent communication and make feedback an essential tool for improvement to create a more collaborative environment, in which the employee is informed of issues that may affect them directly, such as mergers and acquisitions, which lead to staff reductions . For this, effective tools are regular meetings, newsletters or internal communications. Foster the feeling of belonging to the team to reduce insecurity and uncertainty in these times of crisis, by showing all employees that “their work counts” and that it has a positive impact on the end result. ‘a given project.

Jos Luis Cortina, CEO of Neovantas, a high-level international management consultancy, comments that “in short, and on the premise that it is essential to listen to” the voice of the customer “, paying attention to “the voice of the employee” is essential in the daily life of any organization so that in addition to offering a differentiated customer experience, organizations are also able to offer the same added value and the same enriching experience to their employees . “

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