Key Donald Trump Events: Key Donald Trump Events and Decisions: Important Decisions and Donald Trump Controversies

The United States elected the country’s new president in November 2020 and Joe Biden is expected to be sworn in on Wednesday. At the same time, Donald Trump will bid farewell to the White House with a heavy heart. Trump’s tenure was as contested as any American president. Donald Trump will be remembered for his odd tenure, from absurd statements to shocking decisions and the second time he became president of impeachment.

Year 2017
January 25: Trump was instructed to build a wall on the border with Mexico in South America.
January 27: Trump banned the entry into the country of seven Muslim-majority countries – Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen.
June 1: Trump announces the end of the Paris Climate Agreement.
July 28: Senate fails to overthrow Obama Care
December 6: Trump administration considers Jerusalem the capital of Israel

Year 2018
May 8: US breaks nuclear deal with Iran
June 15: Trump fought trade war with China

June 30: Trump becomes first US leader to enter North Korea
September: unemployment reaches 3.5% for the first time in 50 years
December 18: Trump was dismissed for misuse of power

January 31: US bans entry for non-US travelers from China
May 25: protests across the country led to the death of the arrest of black George Floyd
October 2: Trump found positive for the corona virus
November 3: United States elected Joe Biden as new president

Year 2021
January 6: Trump asks his supporters to march to Congress and fight
January 13: Trump becomes the first president to be indicted for the second time.

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Donald Trump (file photo)

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