key requirements for attracting IT talent to companies

Social well-being, quality of life and flexible hours: key requirements for attracting IT talent to companies

AI, IoT, data analysts or software and application developers, some of the professionals most sought after by companies

BY RRHHDigital, 12:15 p.m. – September 2, 2021

IT profiles are on the rise: demand for profiles is doubling every two years, they charge up to 14,000 euros more than the Spanish average … and they are rare. This is what the latest Experis study, Tech Cities 2021, revealed. Spanish companies, focused on their digital transformation, are asking more and more for IT profiles, but it is more difficult for them to find them: IA, IoT specialists, data analysts or software developers. and Applications are among the professionals most sought after by companies, and even more so when they possess soft skills such as resilience, critical and analytical thinking, active learning or the ability to solve complex problems.

Companies are tackling a new challenge: to be attractive enough to super-IT professionals, to which Experis, the technology brand of ManpowerGroup, is responding with concrete solutions, in the words of Fernando Aguilar, COO of Experis Spain : “The social well-being and the quality of life that the company can offer to its workers are fundamental factors in attracting this type of talent and technology professionals. It’s not just about the location or place of telecommuting anymore. “

Flexibility more important than salary

Besides social protection and conciliation, the possibility of teleworking (36%) and flexibility of time (34%) are other main aspects that IT professionals look for when establishing a job, followed by remuneration. high (22%), pursuing education (4%) and diversity and inclusion (4%), according to a July survey of users of ManpowerGroup solutions. This is reflected in the way companies formulate their human resources policies, so the latest Experis digital skills study shows how companies plan for 2025 to have a mix of permanent employees, freelancers and consultants, in which they will offer remote, flexible and hybrid work.

“At a time of record talent shortages (64% of Spanish companies say they can’t find professionals with the skills needed for their challenges), and with a growing demand for digital specialists, companies need to develop strategies sophisticated and competitive talent to create, attract, share and transform, and thus ensure they have the specialist IT professionals their organizations need. “

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