key solutions to reverse the situation

Youth unemployment in Spain is twice the European Union average: key solutions to reverse the situation

EDF Fenice, specialist in Energy Efficiency and Photovoltaic Self-consumption solutions for the industrial and tertiary sector, joins the ‘Reto E3’ business alliance of the Exit Foundation, an organization with more than 20 years of experience in innovative training projects for young people in vulnerable need.

The two entities will promote common solutions that enhance the talent of vulnerable young people and help boost their professional future. This is an initiative aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and which will also reduce early school leaving and improve the employability of young people.

Within the programs of the Exit Foundation, EDF Fenice, through its volunteer companies, brings knowledge, motivation and promotion to the professional careers of young people in vulnerable situations, who will be able to learn about the reality of companies, the labor market in which they are confronted. and the opportunities offered by the energy sector.

“EDF Fenice volunteers will share their talent and experience with the youngest and will become their references, sharing their experiences and the daily life of the energy efficiency sector, a very topical subject at the moment. Their advice can be very valuable for all young people, and in particular for those who wish to become specialists in a field which will experience great development in the years to come ”, explains Mercedes Guinda, Director of Corporate Development at Fundacin Exit .

The initiative comes in a context where the health crisis and its social and economic consequences have had a severe impact on the youngest group and even more severely on vulnerable young people. Although Spain was already at the top of the ranking of youth unemployment and early school leaving, before the crisis the figures have now doubled the European average, with 39.5% of youth unemployment and 17.3% of school dropouts , according to data from INE and Eurostat, respectively.

“At EDF Fenice, we want to make our contribution to alleviate the current employment situation and provide young people with a solvent and future-proof solution, with systems integrating training and concrete professional experience, to contribute to their professional development”, explains Juan Manuel Garcia, People and Talent Director at EDF Fenice.

The current situation of youth employment in our country is very serious and more and more measures are needed from all levels to reverse the data as soon as possible. This is how the Exit Foundation sees it and its director of business development, Mercedes Guinda, underlines that “the Challenge E3 aims to promote common solutions with businesses and the role of EDF Fenice is essential to promote the talent of young people, as well as in terms of reducing high dropout rates and unemployment, two aspects which seriously affect their future ”.

The energy sector will become one of the main engines of the economy for the coming years. In addition, EDF Fenice’s commitment to energy efficiency and responsible consumption of resources make it one of the market leaders and the main attraction for many young people who wish to develop their professional career in a company. whose values ​​coincide with theirs.

“This initiative of the Exit Foundation was very well received by EDF Fenice, a company that stands out for its commitment to sustainability and support for new generations, so that they have access to training that allows them to break down the barriers to their integration into the work environment “, concludes Mercedes Guinda.

Reto E3 has already joined more than 39 companies with different profiles, from multinationals to family businesses, and from different sectors such as energy, ICT, finance, insurance, consulting, health, food and consumer goods, hotels, chemicals, automobiles, construction and infrastructure. During 2020, and despite the difficulties caused by the health emergency, Fundacin Exit succeeded in guiding, motivating and supporting 1,277 young people in vulnerable situations. Figures that should increase this year, with the launch and development of this initiative.

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