Key tips for an employee to get off to a good start in their new job

Adjusting to a new job is not always easy. In fact, according to data from a Gallup study, 88% of those surveyed suggested their companies didn’t have good onboarding programs. This means that more than 40% of employees leave their jobs within the first month and another 10% before their first birthday, as shown in a study prepared by Equifax Workforce Solutions and collected in Fast Company magazine.

For this reason, it is very important that companies have a good onboarding plan that facilitates the adaptation of new staff. Manel Fernndez Jaria, associate professor in economic and commercial studies at the UOC and expert in well-being at work, explains that an incorporation plan is “the process of integrating a new employee into a company and its objective. is to familiarize him with aspects relevant to the culture of the company, as well as to ensure that he has the necessary tools and information to become a productive member of the team. “

On the other hand, Ana Mara Luna, solution manager at UOC Corporate, comments that the development of an incorporation plan has a direct impact on the company’s objectives from the point of view of human resources, because “it allows to the new employee to feel supported and to increase your level of commitment ”, of the vision of the company, because“ this shortens the time to adapt to the company ”, and of the employee’s vision“ because ‘he feels part of the company from the start’.

Manel Fernndez Jaria adds that “the incorporation should start when a future candidate is interested in the company, then it should be maintained throughout the interview process and finally it should last as long as necessary for the new candidate feels safe. can deliver your best professional and personal version. “

The main problem is that companies often neglect their incorporation programs and in this sense Ana Luna argues that “over 80% of my clients find it necessary to update or redesign their incorporation program. incorporation and all agree that this type of initiative They must come from HR departments. However, they also agree that they are not at the top of their to-do list, and quite often they did not even list them. ” If to this is added that “many companies have difficulties integrating key profiles because until now the companies had not considered the possibility that the candidate could choose a company”, the plans of incorporation “must be very well designed and must be consistent, since staff turnover represents a significant investment of time and resources for companies, ”concludes Fernndez Jaria.

The pandemic, another setback for the integration of new employees

The UOC collaborating professor reports that “COVID-19 has implemented the need to introduce significant changes in the integration processes, especially in companies that work remotely. The incorporation process is also carried out virtually, which implies a new style of management which must combine virtual actions with face-to-face actions according to company protocols ”.

In this sense, the incorporation plans have been updated by introducing virtual meetings, personalized messages, videos and gamification actions, among others. But what should a company consider when developing its employee onboarding strategy? UOC Corporate gives us the keys.

Elements to deal with the design and development of a digital incorporation plan

The context. Know when the company finds itself and if it is developing these type of initiatives, perform an analysis on the current program, if applicable, and investigate and ask people who have recently joined, as well as the team of human resources or managers who have recently hired staff. This way we will know what is working and what is not. The story. Define the actions that capture the key moments of the integration of a new employee, from his pre-integration to the first six months. It is a question of detailing these actions and ordering them in time, with consistency, to ensure that the new employee feels supported during his integration, adapts to the team and acquires the knowledge, skills and competences. basic to do their job effectively. Players. Determine roles and functions within the program. It is advisable to include the person directly responsible, the human resources team and a colleague who makes you feel at home and who will inform you of unwritten rules. This is called a buddy. The scenario. Decide what media tools and resources you want to use. Staging. Check that the plan has an educational meaning and is aligned with the strategic issues of the company. If this is the case, it should be made known through a good communication plan using technological resources such as the platform, the intranet or company chats. Tasks and schedules must be well coordinated. The final result. Responses (feedback) from the new hire are crucial and can be obtained in short meetings or informal conversations via email. These comments allow the incorporation program as a whole to be assessed and acted upon.

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