Keys to entering the programming world and finding a job in 2021

One of the lessons that 2020 has left us in the job market is the confirmation that the experts in the digital world are the professionals who will now have the greatest demand and value. In fact, the latest data from the INE Labor Force Survey (LFS) reveals that employment in ICT (information and communication technology) has increased at a rate of 18.3%. accumulated over the past year, with changes every quarter, but still positive.

However, the digital sector is increasingly broad and brings together the most varied specialties. For this reason, in this field there are professional profiles that next year will be more popular than others. Among them, as already announced by some industry sources, will be coding specialists and programmers. According to data from consulting firm Recluit, in 2021, the demand for web developers and programmers with expertise in back-end and front-end code will increase by 30%.

But how do you catch this bandwagon? Where to start? What kind of training and skills does a professional need to be a successful programmer? Skylab Coders Academy, in collaboration with ISDI (Higher Institute for Internet Development), offers the keys to resolve these doubts and identify how to be part of one of the professions with the greatest future prospects.

The first step is to determine what type of programmer you want to be. As in all professions, there are several specialties, so in the field of coding you will have to decide which branch you want to specialize in. Among the most requested are: web page developer, software programmer, mobile application developer or data scientist. When deciding, one of the aspects that can help the most is to research the type of training that exists and which is best suited to the needs of each student. A good indication of this can be the rankings that determine which are the best bootcamps in this area, such as SwitchUp. In addition, many of these courses will have an online modality, as distance learning and teleworking should continue to be very present in 2021. It should be noted that the world of programming is not necessarily limited to a specific type of professional or a very specific prior training. For this reason, it is very important to develop “soft skills” which can help to break into this field, beyond more technical knowledge, such as patience, because programming involves time and perseverance; be decisive in detecting errors, analyzing them and proposing the most appropriate solutions; show interest in continuing to develop and expand your knowledge, as well as working your imagination to develop creative proposals and different ways of doing things, think outside the box and optimize processes. Finally, it is very important to also be open to meeting daily challenges. This may sound obvious and a requirement that is asked of any professional, but in the case of programmers or tech positions it is even greater. The world of programming is constantly and at a breakneck pace, so not being up to date with the news and trends can cause us to lose our jobs or even not find them.

“Software programming is one of the most popular jobs. It is estimated that by 2021, Europe will need to incorporate 1,500,000 developers if it is to be competitive, although this figure tends to decline due to Covid-19. Multinationals and tech startups urgently demand these profiles, ”says David Monreal, founder of Skylab Coders Academy, which focuses on web programming training with a Coding Bootcamp methodology in which it is a global benchmark.

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