keys to improving the professional integration of young people in vulnerable situations

Coaching and mentoring techniques: keys to improving the professional integration of young people in vulnerable situations

The 28th edition of the Exit Foundation Coach Project in Madrid ended with a massive final session in online format. It was the second edition of the project which was carried out one hundred percent remotely, adapting the methodology to the current situation. In this way, companies, educational centers and social entities in Madrid have coordinated their efforts with the aim of reducing the high percentage of early school leaving among young people in vulnerable situations.

Currently, Spain is the leader in early school leaving and youth unemployment in the European Union. The dropout rate is 17.3% and far exceeds the European Union average of 10.6% (Eurostat 2020). Similarly, the unemployment rate for young people under 25 is 40.45% (INE 3Q 2020), well above the European average of 17%

In this context of figures in historic highs, the Exit Foundation has opted for the digitization of projects that have been carried out in person. Eva Fernndez, coordinator of the Exit Foundation Coach project, believes that “keeping students connected to their training and having the digital resources to follow it is the only way to work to reduce early school leaving”.

In this edition of the Coach Project in Madrid, a total of 92 professionals from 25 companies – Accenture, Adecco, ALSA, Axa de Todo Corazn, Banc Sabadell, Deutsche Bank, Emergia, Ferrovial Servicios, Fundacin Fene Energa, Fundacin Price Waterhouse, General Electric , Google, IBM, Indra, Lefebvre-El Derecho SA, Naturgy, Overlap, Pinsent Masons, RENFE, Sage, Sorigu, SGS Tecnos SA, Suntory Schweppes, UPS and Viewnext – supervised, guided and motivated 88 young people from 10 center entities social and educational activities of the city: Asociación Cultural Norte Joven, CEPA Getafe, Colegio Salesianos Atocha, Colegio La Milagrosa, Jos Ramn Otero Teaching Cooperative, Fundacin Tomillo. IES Anselmo Lorenzo, IES Federica Montseny, IES Francisco Toms y Valiente and IES Lus Vives.

The Coach Project connects young people in vulnerable situations and company volunteers through a two-month support process in which, in contact with the reality of the company, it seeks to motivate participants to continue their training.

Since its launch in the city, more than 1,900 young people have gone through the Coach project.

To the first person

For Beatriz Durn, Naturgy volunteer, “being a coach meant for me a personal questioning, putting aside my doubts and my fears, to be able to transfer all my knowledge, professional and personal, through the appropriate questions that could provoke in my coachee, Abdul, bring out all his personal greatness and encourage him to take on challenges that can unfold all of his potential, which he has. I just hope Abdul is doing well and if the little time I was able to devote to him helps him because he was super used. “

Mara Cams, Adecco volunteer, participating in the Coach project has meant “a lot of freshness and learning. Although we are used to professionally guiding the candidates we work with at the Adecco Foundation on a daily basis, this process with Andrews has made it so. has been totally different, since we started from a point of view that we rarely get to see (from the academic stage and the first steps towards employment). It has been very motivating and I hope to see how it progresses in the next steps through what will happen soon “.

The Coach project

The Coach Project is a corporate volunteering initiative aimed at socially responsible companies that seeks to improve the professional integration of young people in vulnerable situations by working on their orientation and motivation so that they continue their training and improve their possibilities of employment. employability. After going through the project, 82% of the young people pass the course and 76% know what they are going to train for in order to have a job in the future.

The Exit Foundation trains volunteer companies in coaching and mentoring techniques to accompany young people on a journey within the company during the process. Corporate volunteers learn skills that they can apply on a day-to-day basis by helping to train participants. Young people, from their first contact with the world of work, find their vocation and understand the importance of training to access the labor market.

The participants are between 16 and 19 years old, are referred by different social and educational entities and are at risk of school failure. At the same time, socially responsible companies are working together who wish to involve company staff in solidarity action.

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