Keys to keeping workspaces tidy

Organizing during the work day is essential for increasing productivity when working from home or the office

BY RRHH Digital, 15:25 – 28 December 2020

Most people, to continue their working day, had to move home. But in many occasions, contrary to what happens in offices, there are no perfectly adequate means or spaces to carry out a normal professional activity.

Establishing a routine at home is more difficult than it seems because disconnecting and differentiating between leisure and professional activity becomes more complicated. For this reason, it is very important to have a space reserved only for work and in a certain order so that the concentration is as possible as possible and time can be optimized.

The hardware used should be perfectly updated and connected to the company network as well as organized, so having accessories that help is a good idea.

With the computer perfectly organized, it’s just as important to have a pleasant space that helps you concentrate. If possible, have plenty of natural light and, in addition, have a back-up pipe so as not to strain your eyes in the hours of less light.

Having organizers and / or shelves where you can organize by projects eg makes it easy to update all papers and suit your work area. Don’t forget to give it the personal touch according to everyone’s taste. This is essential because many hours a day will be spent in this workspace and the most important is that each person who needs teleworking has their functional, adequate and personal place in order to increase their productivity and performance in the company. for which she works.

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