Keys to preventing neck and lower back pain at work

Millions of workers across Europe suffer from work-related musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs). Around three in five workers in the European Union report suffering from MSDs, according to data from the Sixth European Working Conditions Survey.

These are lesions or conditions of muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints, nerves or circulatory vessels, generally derived from overexertion, repetitive movements or forced postures adopted in activities with physical demands.

For this reason, the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work has chosen MSDs as the main theme of the European Week for Safety and Health at Work under the slogan “Healthy Workplaces: Release the Load”. Umivale, as an entity adhering to the Luxembourg Declaration and a member of the Spanish Network for Occupational Safety and Health, has launched a campaign to join this annual event where it focuses on musculoskeletal disorders in offices and the offices.

“Neck pain and low back pain are the main pathologies suffered by office workers and in many cases are caused by the adoption of inappropriate postures during the working day or by the fact that their work is not ergonomically adapted”, he stressed from the region. of prevention of Umivale its chief, Jos Luis Cebrin.

The campaign consists of two dossiers describing the conditions, their origin, their symptoms and their causes, as well as advice and preventive measures for the worker and the company. It is complemented by another display panel with a proposal for exercises that we can perform in the same work and focus on the mobility of the lumbar and cervical areas, their strengthening and stretching.

“We have tried to prepare highly visual material that any worker who does his work at a table in front of a computer can have at his disposal. These are very simple exercises that we have defined under the supervision of Umivale’s medical management and which do not require more than a few minutes a day ”, underlined Cebrin.

All these materials can be viewed and downloaded on the Umivale website, in the Prevention and Health section, in the section devoted to postural hygiene.

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