keys to productive telecommuting from home without suffering from postural problems

Ergonomics and movement: the keys to productive teleworking from home without suffering from postural problems

More than three million Spaniards have started teleworking since the start of COVID-19, adopting, in just a few months, a new model that would have taken longer to arrive. Beyond its advantages such as family reconciliation, less travel, reduction of traffic, pollution, time savings, … teleworking can have negative consequences on the health of millions of Spaniards, caused by the use of furniture and inappropriate materials.

Among these conditions are lesions of the skeletal muscles caused by poor posture or poor distribution of space, visual and mental fatigue, tingling in the legs, dizziness, contractures, low back pain, tendonitis, etc. In this sense, according to a study by Actiu, 55% of those questioned claim to have had or know someone with problems and inconveniences linked to the use of inappropriate furniture following a recent teleworking.

According to Rosa Porcar, the innovation director of the Institute of Biomechanics of Valencia (IBV), in the White Paper on remote teleworking “ the increase in remote work will be an excellent opportunity to increase the preventive culture, making us all more aware and informed of how our environment affects our health and productivity. ”

The key issue in setting up the Home Office is the choice of certified chairs and tables, but other factors such as lighting, ventilation, ambient conditions, active breaks and alternation of tasks must also be taken into account.

TNK Flex chair, a second skin that anticipates the user’s movement

Until now, a good task chair has to be ergonomic, adjustable, offer good lumbar support, a seat, sufficiently wide armrests and be swivel. The TNK Flex task chair, developed by Actiu in collaboration with Alegre Design, creates a new category by applying an innovative system that manages to intuitively anticipate the user’s needs, adapting the chair to the morphology and movements of the human body. and adjusting the backrest. and the seat as if it were a second skin.

Among its many technological innovations, two stand out: the support and the hepatic interaction with the user, comprising by hepatic the sensory perception received by contact which occurs in any part of the body and which is closely linked to movement.

The seat uses technology similar to that used in truck cabs: a suspended seat that provides a feeling of weightlessness. The contact area is equipped with air chambers in the foam of the seat, which promote compression and decompression, so that the seat welcomes, absorbs and adapts its shape to the specific needs of the user, creating a feeling of balance and well-being.

This comfortable and stable seat is completed by a backrest that collects and accommodates the backrest, automatically adapting to all its movements, without the user having to activate any mechanism. A fully adaptable backrest, (height, inclination, torsion) that interprets the user’s movements and anticipates them, with a gentle dance, which offers total freedom of movement in his daily work, maintaining a correct and correct posture at all moment. maximum efficiency.

“We know that movement encourages creativity and improves productivity,” says Soledat Berbegal, Actiu advisor and brand reputation director, “and thanks to professional chairs like TNK Flex, the user can move around freely, which leads to the activation of the muscles, a reduction in fatigue, exertion, tension and an increase in their efficiency and productivity, always with the aim of keeping the body and mind in healthy. ”

Talent, the table that helps you move

With telecommuting, the number of hours spent sitting at home increases. The Talent table, also developed by Actiu in collaboration with the Alegre Design team, offers maximum versatility: it is foldable, liftable and mobile, it can be easily stored and allows you to alternate between sitting and standing work, facilitating mobility and , with it, health. It also has wheels and can be used as a whiteboard for sketches, annotations and presentations.

Talent and ease of use and height adjustment system that does not require electricity. An easily accessible button activates a gas piston that regulates both the rise and fall of the work surface, in a very subtle and gentle movement, in which the user determines the elevation themselves. Its surface is made with a rounded shape at its corners and rubber edges to prevent injury.

Choosing a functional table that takes care of health is essential, because the furniture directly influences the well-being of the worker. We are committed to promoting the culture of ergonomics by bringing the best professional equipment to the home. For this reason, products such as TNK Flex and Talent are already available to any user through, which was created to meet the current needs of the company to make certified professional products available to the general public, fruit of 50 years of experience. and tested in offices around the world, ” Berbegal concludes.

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