Khalsa Television Limited fined in UK: British Sikhs incited to violence, Khalsa TV fined 50 lakh

Khalsa TV Ltd, which once provoked Sikhs with violent broadcasts in Britain, received a shock. Ofcom, a UK-based media watchdog, fined Khalsa TV Ltd (£ 50,000) of around 50 lakh. Ofcom has pleaded guilty to broadcasting a video clip supporting violence in the Indian state and glorifying acts of violence by Sikh separatists on television.

Not only that, Khalsa TV has been found guilty of broadcasting talk-based programs that promote violence against a critic of Sikhism and to legitimize a terrorist group. The song for the music video ‘Bagga and Shera’ aired on Khalsa TV in July 2018. It showed a photo of Indira Gandhi in which blood was flowing from her mouth. In this picture the caption wrote: “Bad lady, you have drunk the blood of innocent people”. The song played in that video, “The warriors will destroy your empire.” In this one, the Red Fort was shown burning.

Ofcom issued a statement saying, “We believe that these images and the things written in the video are provoking violent action against the Indian state. At the same time glorify those who made it. ‘Khalsa TV is licensed to broadcast programs in the UK on Sikh issues. Khalsa TV was fined £ 20,000 for showing video clips three times.

Ofcom said the video indirectly supports the violent action of Sikh terrorists. This includes those who killed the people who led Operation Blue Star. Explain that Khalistani terrorists contributed to the murder of those involved in Operation Blue Star. Ofcom said other people in the video were also instigated to commit killings and violence. Ofcom said the NIA had filed multiple indictment sheets against Khalistan’s liberation forces Ramandeep Singh Bagga and Hardeep Singh Shera. They are accused of having killed in India.

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