Kidnapping of a bride in Kyrgyzstan: kidnapping of a bride in Kyrgyzstan

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In Kyrgyzstan, the kidnapping and murder of a girl in preparation for her marriage is the subject of a row. Kidnapping of girls for forced marriage is common in this country, 8,000 girls are kidnapped every year, government has declared a crime
The world has reached the Moon and Mars, but in many countries even today such practices are widespread and cannot be considered part of civilized society. One of these misdeeds is creating a ruckus in Kyrgyzstan, a country in Central Asia. In fact, there is a practice of kidnapping brides here. Every year, thousands of girls and women are abducted to marry in this country. Although the practice was banned by the government here in 2013, the kidnapping and murder of a 27-year-old girl on Wednesday sparked outrage across the country.

Ruckus in Kyrgyzstan due to kidnapping and murder of girl
On April 5, a 27-year-old girl named Ejada Kanatbkova, kidnapped from her job in Bishkek, the capital of Kyrgyzstan, was kidnapped. According to the police report, three people forced her into the car and fled in an unknown direction. Family members searched the girl extensively, but she was nowhere found. The exhausted family members called for police assistance in the matter, but no action was taken even after the presence of video evidence.

The corpse of a kidnapped girl found two days later
Two days after the incident, the woman was found dead in a car with another man in a rural area near the capital, Bishkek. A local shepherd reported that the car was spotted on April 5 and 6, but they thought it might be stuck in the mud. On April 7, when he looked near the car, he saw the bodies of a young woman and a young man. After that, the police were informed.

The people’s fury against the police after death
Police claimed that, according to the preliminary investigation, the man strangled the girl during the fight and then committed suicide. The news of Aizada Kanatabkova’s kidnapping and murder shocked anyone. People are protesting on social media on the street. Many attributed it to Home Affairs Minister Ulan Niyazbakov, head of law enforcement, and Bakit Matamusev, head of the Bishkek police department.

Request for resignation of government and chief of police
People say that the shepherds discovered this car, our police proved incapable in this matter. The interior minister, the head of the Bishkek police department, is expected to resign. In the video given to the police, the number of the hijacked car is also visible, but the police could not find it. The police investigation team should be punished. At the same time, police claim that the search for Aizada Kanatabkova did not stop for a minute.

8 thousand girls are kidnapped every year
According to the report of the government of Kyrgyzstan, around 8,000 girls in the country are abducted each year to get married. In most cases, the kidnappers rape the girl on the first night, which puts a stigma on her forehead and she agrees to marry. Their difficulties increase in the event of not being with the rapist, because no one marries such girls.

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