kidnapping of Nigerian students: 300 girl students kidnapped: Boko Haram attack on a Nigerian school

Strong points:

Terrorist attack on a girls’ school in Nigeria, 300 abducted girls and numerous military teams active in the attack;
In Nigeria, a group of armed militants attacked a school in Jamphra and abducted more than 300 girls. The Nigerian government spokesperson also confirmed the abduction of the girls, saying the military and intelligence agencies have been active since the incident in the wee hours of Friday. Zamfra Suleiman State Information Commissioner Tanu Anka said it is not yet known how many girls have been abducted by armed groups. However, local media claim that their number is over 300.

Terrorists hit motorcycles and vehicles
A teacher who teaches at the government secondary school for girls said the attackers arrived on motorbikes and vehicles. He was dressed like a government army. After arriving at the school, the attackers forced the girls who were studying at the school to get into the vehicles and leave here. According to the report, 421 students are studying at this school, 55 of whom are safe.

Family members rushed to school
After receiving information about the gunman’s attack, a large number of the girl’s parents arrived at the school. She not only expressed her anger at the government and security agencies, but also demanded the safe release of her daughters. Relatives of some girls also explore the surrounding forests in search of their daughters. On the other hand, the army has also launched a campaign to save these girls.

Terrorists have also kidnapped schoolchildren in the past
The Islamic terrorist organization Boko Haram is believed to wield influence in Nigeria and many neighboring countries. This terrorist organization has carried out numerous attacks in the past. In December last year, Boko Haram activists attacked a boarding school in Katsina state, Nigeria, and abducted around 300 children. Those who were then safely rescued after the military action.

Fear of Boko Haram among residents
The fear of Boko Haram is such that Nigeria is not ready to testify against its terrorists. This organization was created solely to establish a government adhering to Sharia law in Nigeria. This terrorist organization not only massacred large numbers of people in Nigeria, but also carried out numerous deadly attacks against the security forces. Boko Haram terrorists attack, kidnap, assassinate and military bases in the region continue to be the same.

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