Killing civilians in Myanmar: Joe Biden, who raged after the killing of civilians in Myanmar, said – it is utter cruelty – Biden expresses his displeasure at the killing of civilians in Myanmar

US President Joe Biden has expressed strong resentment over the killing of civilians involved in protests against the coup by security forces in Myanmar. Biden said on Sunday: ‘It’s scary. It is total cruelty. And according to the news I received, a large number of people were needlessly killed. Saturday was the bloodiest violence in Myanmar and the Burmese military killed at least 114 people while playing a bloody Holi in the streets.

Biden was talking about the use of force by soldiers against innocent people demonstrating against a military coup in Myanmar and killing people recently. Parliamentarian Gregory Meeks, head of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, said more than 100 people died on Saturday on Myanmar National Armed Forces Day and shot at the American center in Yangon. The incident is under investigation.

He said: “The Burmese military has taken an absurd and barbaric stance on the National Day of the country’s armed forces and has claimed hundreds of lives. It was the bloodiest day since the junta’s illegal military coup. In Myanmar, the military overthrew the elected government of Aan San Suu Kyi last month and announced military rule in the country. Despite the restrictions in Myanmar, large numbers of people are taking to the streets against this military movement.

Among those killed on Saturday, a 13-year-old girl entered her home and shot her dead by soldiers. Burmese troops opened fire in the residential area of ​​Meikhtila. According to the Myanmar Now report, to date, around 20 underage children have also been killed in the violence. Soldiers and police are shooting at people to quell protests against last month’s coup in the country.

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