kim jong a biography: kim jong un news: “ kim jong un hit the exact pedestrian at the age of three, drove a truck at the age of 8 ”

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The brutal propaganda of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un continues in the country. In North Korea, it is claimed that Kim was shooting bullets at the age of 3, not just North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un. Pyongyang rode a wild horse at the age of 6
The country is the subject of propaganda to glorify brutal dictator Kim Jong Un of North Korea. In North Korea, it is now claimed that Kim Jong used to shoot bullets at the bulb at a distance of 100 meters when he was only 3 years old. Not only that, Kim Jong Un rode a wild horse at the age of 6 and drove a truck at the speed of 80 mph at the age of 8.

Kim Jong Un also won the European Motorboat Competition at the age of 9, according to the Daily Express report. Using climbing gear, they scaled snow-capped Mount Peiktu at an elevation of 9,000 feet. All of these bizarre claims are conveyed to the North Korean people in Kim Jong Un’s biography.

‘Target a target 10 times in 10 seconds’
This biography was written by journalist Anna Fyfield and it is also claimed that at the age of 11 Kim Jong used to carry a pistol in his waist. Kim Jong was sent to Switzerland at the age of 12 and lived in the city of Bern. In 2009, at the age of 25, his statue was installed in North Korea.

Anna said Kim Jong Un would also be able to hit a target 10 times in 10 seconds. Kim Jong is familiar with the organs of the trio of these forces. Explain that the discussion about North Korea’s nuclear program is hot these days. It is claimed that North Korea has radioactive material to make 45 nuclear bombs.

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