Kim Jong ripped skinny jeans: Kim Jong Un bans ripped jeans in North Korea: jeans hairstyle banned in North Korea

North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un has called skinny jeans and mule hairstyles illegal in the country. This step was taken with the intention of keeping young people in check. Reports claimed that Kim Jong feared his reign might be threatened by the impact of Western civilization on the country’s youth. Skinny jeans, ripped jeans and trendy hairstyles are considered a growing influence of the capitalist way of life.

Important to follow your lifestyle
The state newspaper “The Rudong Sinmoon” called for removing things that threaten the collapse of the country “like a wet wall”. The newspaper editorial reads: “An important lesson from history is that if we don’t follow our own lifestyle, the country crumbles like a damp wall, even though it has economic and defensive power. We must keep an eye out for any sign of capitalism and draw water from it.

According to the Yonhap News Agency, the Kim regime severely punishes people who have videos filmed in South Korea. Coloring or piercing of the hair is also prohibited. Kim banned “ non-socialist ” hairstyles and allowed some haircuts.

Without detour
There has been a lot of controversy between the United States and North Korea over nuclear power. Joe Biden called Korea’s nuclear program a threat to the security of the United States and the world. He recently told Congress that diplomacy and austerity would be dealt with with Korea. At the same time, Kim has been warned of a “ shutdown ” when Biden and America are in the middle of Korea’s nuclear program.

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