Kim Jong Un Coronavirus: China delivers Kim Jong Un to its coronavirus vaccine – Kim Jong Un gave coronavirus vaccine to North Korea

China has given its experimental vaccine against the corona virus to dictator Kim Jong Un and his entire family, playing on its friendship with North Korea. American annalists said so, citing two Japanese intelligence sources on Tuesday. North Korean expert Harry Kazianis of the Center for the National Interest said many North Korean officials had been vaccinated, along with Kim.

According to Harry, China has given Korea one of its experimental vaccines. It is not yet clear which vaccine is given and whether it is safe or not. Harry claimed in an online article, “Kim Jong Un and several senior officials have received the vaccine from the Chinese government in the past two to three weeks.”

Three companies manufacture vaccines
U.S. medical scientist Peter J Hottage said at least three Chinese companies are working on the Corona virus vaccine, including Sinovac Biotech Ltd, CanSinoBio and Sinopharm Group. Sinopharm claims its vaccine has been used by 1 million people in China. However, none of the three have published data for the Phase III clinical trial.

North Korea has not confirmed any cases of the corona virus, but South Korea’s National Intelligence Service has said it cannot be ruled out that there is an outbreak. Trade with China continues in North Korea, from where the epidemic has started to spread.

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